AC Repair Bowling Green, KY

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AC Repair Bowling Green, KY

When Air Conditioning Repairs get too much, too often, or you just can't take it any more… consider replacement like this Bowling Green, KY homeowner did.  They had spent hundreds of dollars on repairs to their bonus room air conditioner and it went out again, the contractor they had been calling wanted to replace the entire system – even though the furnace was still functioning and had no service repairs made to it.  They called Gra-Tac Heating and Cooling of Bowling Green, KY for a second opinion.  Gra-Tac's comfort advisor offered them a new Trane Air Conditioner and matching Indoor Coil to use the exisitng furnace.  This combination took care of the refrigerant leak their old system had, improved the air conditoning efficiency from 10 SEER to 13 SEER, and now they have the added benefit of a 10 year parts warranty.



Installed by Bowling Green's Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer:


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