Coleman Air Conditioner Replaced, Bowling Green, KY

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Coleman Air Conditioner Replaced in Bowling Green, KY

Coleman Cooler 2036-911 Air Conditioner Trane XB13 Heat Pump 4TWB3










Coleman Cooler Air Conditioner, 2036-911 over 20 years old, still running… installed by the same HVAC Contractor that installed the new Trane XB13 Heat Pump… not just luck.  The installing HVAC Contractor has a lot to do with the life and performance of home comfort systems, just ask ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors or America.


The homeowner went with the Trane XB13 Heat Pump installation, replacing the air conditioner to make the system a Dual Fuel system.  This will allow the homeowner to take advantage of the gas furnace (and it's REALLY warm air) during the coldest part of the winter, but save money most of the winter with the heat pump doing the heating during mild weather.


On top of updating the air conditioning system, the homeowner opted for a Honeywell Zoning System to separate the home into two zones (Upstairs and Down) to give them even more control and will increase the overall home efficiency – due to heating and cooling the area needed not the whole house.


Installed by Bowling Green's Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer:


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Bowling Green, KY  42103


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