Comfort Options

Air Conditioners Saving Money on your utility bills:

First thing to consider, how old is your home heating & cooling system?


Of course with the advances in technology, newer heating & colling systems use less energy while saving money on the utility bills.  But even systems only a few years old can be out of tune, wasting hundreds of dollars per year.

Almost any home can be improved by proper weatherization and/or insulation upgrades, saving even more money on utility bills.

A Home Energy Evaulation is required to determine the amount of money you are likely to save and the best course of action in doing so.  With the number of special programs that include Rebates, Special Financing, and Tax Credits, now is the best time to consider these options.


Having Multiple Repairs on your Air Conditioner,  Furnace or Heat Pump?

  Let's face it, one repair is too many, after you  factor in how much you pay each month to     keep your home comfortable.

If your system is older than 10 years old, out of warranty, or you are facing a large repair, it may be time to consider a new Heating and Cooling System.  With the energy cost savings, special programs and extended warranties available (making repair cost a thing of the past for up10 years) goes a long way toward paying for a new system.







Some Rooms are Hotter or Colder than others:

A lot of Southern Kentucky Homes have issues like not enough airflow or to much airflow to certain rooms.  Others have poorly installed systems including duct leaks or improperly designed duct systems.  Some homes have had rooms added with very little concern for system sizing.  All of these problems can be correted.  Look at the BEFORE picture on the LEFT, and the AFTER picture on RIGHT.



Indoor Air Quailty Problem:

Asthma, Airborne Allergies, or Dust can be made worse by your Home Heating & Cooling system.  These problems can be helped with duct sealing, air purifiers, and multiple air filtration system options.

Indoor Humidity Levels, too low in the winter (we have seen 16% recently) or too high in the summer (we have seen over  70%) 45-55% is optimum.  These problems can be corrected with Humidifiers, Steam Humidifiers, Home Weatheriaztion, Duct Sealing, Proper Air Conditioning Sizing, and Whole House Dehumidifiers.