Common Air Conditioning Problem

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Air Conditioner Froze Up – Common Air Conditioning Problem this Summer in Bowling Green, KY.

Ice on Air Conditioning System








Air Conditioning systems "Freeze Up" for a few different reasons:

  1. Low of Refrigerant can cause an air conditioner to freeze up.
  2. Low Air Flow can cause an air conditioner to freeze up.  This can be caused by a dirty filter (extremely dirty usually) or collapsed ductwork. 
  3. Electrical Problems can cause an air conditioner to freeze up.  Usually the electrical problem will cause Low Air Flow – either by an inoperable indoor blower motor (the motor that moves the air through the ductwork has failed), a bad fan switch either in the thermostat or blower control circuit not allowing the indoor blower motor to start, or a stuck contactor that will keep the Air Conditioner (outdoor unit) running while the indoor blower motor cycles off.  

First thing to do if your air conditioner freezes up:  Turn the air conditioner off and turn the fan switch at the thermostat to on.  This will allow the ice to melt, the ice you see outside is just like the tip of an iceberg, the indoor coil (evaporator coil – usually found in crawlspaces, mechanical closets, or attics) is likely a block of ice and can take over an hour to melt. 

Second:  Check the air filter, this is rarely the only problem, but it is worth trying.  If the air filter is EXTREMELY DIRTY it can cause the system to freeze up.  If the filter was the only problem, you would be able to replace the filter, make sure all the ice is melted and turn the air conditioner back on.

Third:  It is time to call a professional, in Bowling Green, KY call:


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