Floor Insulation, Bowling Green, KY

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Floor Insulation in Bowling Green, KY and other parts of Southern Kentucky


Heat doesn't just rise, it moves toward cold. That is why insulating your crawl space is so important.  On top of saving you money on your gas and electric bills in the winter, it keeps your floors warm also.  Tile and wood floors are extra nice with insulation below them, keeping them warm in the winter.  Floor insulation gives little if any help in the way of energy savings in the air conditioning season.  A local utility energy advisor has said, "no one has ever complained about floor insulation after they have had it installed, it will improve your home comfort – get it done". 


Recommended R-Values of insulation (how much) you need in a floor in Bowling Green, KY and other parts of Southern Kentucky:


There are many sources for this information, so let's look at a few of them:


Energy Star: Recommends R25 to R30 of insulation in the floor.


North American Insulation Manufacturers Association:  Recommends R30 insulation in the floor.


Department of Energy:  Recommendations depend on the heating source for your home and whether your home is NEW or EXISTING.  The Department of Energy recommends:  NEW homes: Natural Gas Heating – R25, Heat pumps – R25, LP or Propane heating – R25.  EXISTING homes: Natural Gas Heating – R25, Heat Pumps – R19, LP or Propane Heating – R30.


Types of Floor Insulation found in Bowling Green, KY and other parts of Southern Kentucky:


No Floor Insulation

The worst kind of insulation is NONE.   










Fiberglass Floor Insulation in Joists

 This is what you commonly see in Southern Kentucky, of course there are different colors.  Most floor joists are 2×6, so R19 is the most common R-Value.  With recent increased R-Value recommendations, other materials are starting to be used. 










Crawl Space Wall Foam Insulation

Spray Foam is catching on, it doesn't just insulate the home, it air seals it also. 

Crawl Space Wall Insulation
















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