Hybrid Heating System, Bowling Green, KY

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Hybrid Heating Systems, Bowling Green, KY


This Bowling Green, KY homeowner had an 8 SEER York Air Conditioner and a mid 60s AFUE York furnace.  They selected the Trane XB14 "Hybrid" Heating and Cooling system for their home, this system includes a 15 SEER Heat Pump, matching indoor coil, and a 96% AFUE Trane XV95 Furnace. 

Hybrid or Dual Fuel Systems (as some in the HVAC industry call them) use the best heat source depending on the outdoor temperature.  When the temperature is moderate, often 35 and above the heat pump heats the home.  When the weather really turns cold, the Gas Furnace takes over all of the home heating work.

This system should save over 45% on the heating and cooling portion of this homeowners Bowling Green utility and gas bills.  As well the new Trane system comes with 10 year parts and compressor warranty, and a lifetime heat exchanger warranty.  Saving money each month and having fewer repair bills were the main factors in this Home Energy Saving Decision.




Installed by Bowling Green's Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer:


Gra-Tac Heating & Cooling
563 Lovers Lane
Bowling Green, KY  42103

KY HVAC License # HM02855 



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