Return Air Leak, Morgantown, KY

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Air Leaks in Ductwork cause Higher Utility Bills.


Return Air Leak

Improperly installed ductwork.










This leak was discovered on a home survey, the homeowner had lived there for years and had never noticed that the ductwork was improperly installed.  Obviously during new construction of the home, the installing contractor did not have the right part, so the return flex was stuffed into the return box.  This left a hole (left side) that allowed unfiltered air from the crawlspace to enter the heating and cooling system – reducing the capacity and efficiency of this system. This will reduce the life of the system as well as increase energy bills. These are some of the corners that are generally cut when cost is the determining factor in repairing or replacing your home comfort system.


Ductwork Broken

Broken Ductwork










Between the return air grille in the wall, in the crawlspace on the way back to the air handler, this leak was discovered on another system.  Leaks like this let unfiltered, unconditioned (outside) air into the home – think of it like this, 32 degree air entering your heating system instead of 70 degree air, this can really raise your gas or electric bill – depending on the type of heating system you have.  Return air leaks like this have similar effects to the air conditioning systems also.


These air leaks and duct repairs were corrected by Bowling Green's Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer:


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