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Sunroom Comfort Systems in Bowling Green, KY


When adding a Sunroom or updating your current Sunroom, you should definitely consider YOUR COMFORT.  There are a lot of ways to heat and cool a sunroom, from:


  • Hotel Style Units (PTACs)
  • Mini Split Heat Pumps
  • Conventional HVAC Systems
  • Zoning from Current Home HVAC System


With the varied styles of construction of sunrooms, construction material choices, differing insulation levels, the amount of glass and type of glass, direction the glass faces, blinds or no blinds, overhangs, ceiling heights, and uses for the sunroom, as well as budgets… It makes sense to work with an experienced Comfort Advisor to help select the correct Comfort Solution for your sunroom and you.


Each of the system types above have their place, but a Comfort Advisor can help you select the right solution based on time of day use of your sunroom, sizing of the system based on the factors discussed above, noise level that you find acceptable, and energy cost estimates.


Pictured is a Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Installation by Gra-Tac Heating & Cooling, on a Sunroom Project by Doug Martens Construction.


Sunroom HVAC








Gra-Tac has installed many different types of systems in Sunrooms across Southern Kentucky.


Hotel Style Units (PTACs) are usually for smaller Sunrooms, the new ones are not as loud as the old ones that kept you awake on your last trip.


Mini Split Heat Pumps are for any size Sunroom, we recommend Mitsubishi Mini Splits after trying almost every brand of mini split heat pump available.  Some brands of Mini Splits only heat down to 26 degrees outside, a lot of others don't heat very well at all, and others are plagued with service problems.  Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pumps are the most reliable, most versatile, have the best heating performance, and are the most energy efficient way to heat and cool a Sunroom in Southern Kentucky.


Conventional HVAC Systems are for larger Sunrooms, with access to install a conventional HVAC system.  We installed a conventional HVAC system in a Sunroom for Harlan Construction in Bowling Green, KY, where the addition of the sunroom was such that it had a full crawlspace, allowing the installation.  The installation pictured above was a large sunroom, but the installation space kept us from using a conventional HVAC system.


Zoning from Current HVAC Systems can be an economical option and work quite well.  We don't recommend just putting some registers in the sunroom off of the existing HVAC system, like a lot of "Sunroom Companies" do.  Our Comfort Advisors are trained to look at the entire home and current HVAC system to see if it can be used.


If you have any questions about Sunroom Comfort Systems contact Bowling Green's Trane Comfort Specialist:


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