Trane Heat Pumps XB13 Bowling Green KY

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Trane Dual Fuel Heat Pump Installation in Bowling Green, KY.

Coleman Air Conditioners at 19 years old, need to be replaced for energy efficiency gains if for no other reason (like most air conditioners of that age).  This time it was the upstairs air conditioner that went out first, the indoor coil was leaking R-22 refrigerant causing poor cooling performance.  Yes, Refrigerant is commonly referred to as Freon, but that is a Registered Trademark of DuPont Corporation going back to 1931.

The homeowner had been putting up with poor cooling performance and higher electric bills all summer, now with the weather cooling down, they could take the time to get things fixed right.

They elected to go with a Trane Dual Fuel Heat Pump system for the upstairs system, installed by Gra-Tac Heating & Cooling.  They now have a Trane XB13 Heat Pump with an aluminum tubed coil in the attic.  Coils with Aluminum Tubing and Aluminum fins, LAST LONGER and LEAK MUCH LESS than indoor coils with Copper Tubing and Aluminum fins, on top of that Trane Indoor Coils come with a 10 year warranty.  As well they got a new Trane XB80 Gas Furnace installed and with some duct modifications, they will have improved airflow over their old Coleman gas furnace.

So with a more efficient system and a Honeywell TouchScreen Programmable Thermostat, they will save about 34% on their upstairs portion of their Heating / Gas Bill and Cooling / Electric Bills for years to comes.

As well they are taking advantage of a couple of cash rebates that Bowling Green homeowners have available to them.  $500 from TVA for the duct work modifications and duct sealing and $25 for the Programmable Thermostat they added.   



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